Looking for trustworthy corporate golf services? Peter Wright can serve your golf club! Our comprehensive corporate services can cater to your corporate golf needs.

As one of Australia’s leading golf suppliers, we have been fulfilling corporate golf needs for over 30 years now. From team apparel and general golf branding to a vast range of golf products, we deliver on all things corporate golf.

Corporate Golf Branding

Personalised golf products are our speciality. The perfect way to represent your club or workplace, customised branding establishes brand identity and creates presence. It also creates a clean and uniformed aesthetic. Offering embroidered and printed gear, we can help you represent your brand by applying your logo or team name onto a range of products.

Our services provide fast turn around and a flexible customisation, embroiding a wide range of golfing products to suit your branding. We offer 12 embroidery options and have a wide range of colour choices.


Corporate Golf Products

Need to stock your golf club or gift shop with golf products? We offer an exclusive range of golf products for corporate customers. Stocking custom apparel and tailored accessories, we can deliver you a vast range of corporate golfing products that go beyond the general retail range. We also stock some of the world’s leading golf brands, guaranteeing quality products.

Looking to make a bulk order? We also offer wholesaler services for frequent wholesale customers. This provides customers an opportunity to save when purchasing bulk orders.